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Welcome to our “About Us” page! We are Rachid and Astrid, the founders of Dreamteam Maroc. Rachid, as a Berber and a native of Morocco, knows the country like the back of his hand and is deeply rooted in its culture and history. Astrid, a German citizen, fell in love with Morocco and shares with Rachid the fascination for this wonderful country. Our common love for Morocco has brought us together not only professionally, but also personally.


Rachid looks into the distance
Rachid and Astrid standing on a rock in the desert

With Dreamteam Maroc we would like to share our enthusiasm for Morocco with you and offer you authentic and unforgettable travel experiences. We firmly believe that Morocco has much more to offer than the typical tourist trails, and we would like to give you the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of the country. With our deep roots in Berber culture and years of experience in the travel industry, we are well qualified to provide you with a unique perspective and unforgettable experiences.

We look forward to accompanying you on our trips through Morocco and introducing you to the beauty, diversity and hospitality of this fascinating country. With Dreamteam Maroc you will not only travel Morocco, but also experience it with all your senses. Come with us on this extraordinary journey and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Morocco!

Astrid Beckmann

Astrid Beckmann

I have been living in Andalusia since 2007, at the beautiful yoga oasis Casa El Morisco. After 9 years of working for the organization, I now give intuitive massages and yoga there.

My love for Morocco has already taken me there several times. I am fascinated by Berber culture, which in its simplicity reconnects us with the essence of life.

I look forward to accompanying you there!

Rachid Ezzahri

Rachid Ezzahri

Rachid, born in the Dades Valley, is a hotel manager, musician and poet. He loves his country and the culture and is happy to introduce you to the Berber culture. He will guide us through this journey and enrich it with traditional music.

Since 2017, he has been the general manager of the Kasbah Omari Hotel in Tinghir.

Book your trip to Morocco now and discover the fascinating Berber culture, experience unforgettable adventures in the desert and enjoy the culinary diversity of the country. Let Dreamteam Maroc take you to another world and create unforgettable memories!

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