About Berber culture

The Berbers are considered the earliest inhabitants of Morocco and have a rich and diverse culture.

Traditional Moroccan tea in glasses

Berber history and identity

The Berbers have a long history in North Africa and are one of the oldest indigenous communities in the region. The term “Berber” encompasses several communities that share a common language but also have differences in their culture and traditions. Among them are the proud nomads of the Tuareg, known for their magnificent blue robes and their skill in handling camels.

Berber music

Lifestyle and hospitality

Berber society is organized into extended families, and hospitality is deeply embedded in the culture. The hosts take pride in hosting their guests and showing them their home. Traditional Berber houses, the kasbahs, are built of mud and have characteristic towers and windows. The Berbers live in close connection with their environment and take great pride in their crafts, such as weaving carpets and making pottery.

Berber woman tells about craftsmanship

Rachid plays the spiritual instrument Guembri

Art and music

The Berbers have a rich tradition in art, music and poetry. In the Berber culture, music, rhythmic dances and poetry have great importance and are closely interwoven. Berber music is often accompanied by the guembri, a three-stringed bass lute. Berbers are also known for their colorful dresses, decorated with complex embroidery and patterns.

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Nature conservation and sustainability

The Berbers have a deep connection to nature and have been concerned about protecting their environment for centuries. The Berbers’ traditional way of life, which focuses on sustainability and resource conservation, has helped preserve North Africa’s unique landscapes and ecosystems to this day.

Goats on a rock wall in Morocco
Rachid forms animal tracks in the desert sand

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